About Us

Patrice Monét Designz launched December 8th 2018 by Patrice Johnson. Patrice Monét Designz is a handcrafted jewelry company that specializes in made to order, unique and customized jewelry. All of her earrings are made from unfinished wood, resin, and clay. The idea came about because she began to get really frustrated going from store to store and not being able to find exactly what she was looking for. Patrice loves very unique, large, and exotic pieces of jewelry. So she decided to create the ideas that were in her head, and before she knew it, BOOM! a successful jewelry line. It is very exciting creating different patterns and shapes; it has become one of Patrice’s favorite things to do. Now she can’t stop creating!

Each piece of jewelry is created to help express the personality of those that choose to wear them.

"The thing that I am most proud of is the support of friends and family. I have received a great deal of support from them, and it has filled with me with pride to know that my creations are being well-received by both my loved ones and the world at large."

                     - Patrice Monét